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InvaderGames (Or Invader Games) is an Italian Game Developer Group.
Founded in 2013 from Andrea Bonsignore who during the same year started to develop the amateur project Resident Evil 2 Reborn.
This project has been internationally known until August 2015, when InvaderGames was officialy invited by Capcom to its HQ in Osaka (Japan) together with his producers Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Jun Takeuchi and Tsuyoshi Kanda.

The Group attended many Italian and International events such as Rome Global Game Jam (2015 as team, 2016 as mentors), Codemotion (Rome, Milan as Exhibitor, Speaker and Workshop trainer) and Rome Google Dev Fest and Google VR Conference.

IG has also co-operated and attended many important events in italian videogame making field with AESVI and DBGA.

IG had the opportunity to meet publishers and editors as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Digital Bros.

InvaderGames is a registered trademark .
The name is not changed and we do not work for other companies.
Any official information about InvaderGames and its intellectual property can be found only on this website and on official facebook page.
All communications from InvaderGames will be made on official channels only (Site / Facebook / Mail).
Any other use of our Name from other company is unathorized and it’s to consider unreliable.

Main Project: Resident Evil 2 Reborn

Short Description

Resident Evil 2 Reborn is the amatorial / Fan made remake of Resident Evil 2

Based on Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles asset and powered by Unity (First Version 2013-2015) and Unreal Engine 4 (Second Version 2015) the game is a complete remake of original chapter of RE saga.

The project goal is to bring back the original atmosphere of Resident Evil 2 in a modern taste and with an unique and personal touch.

the main features of the project:

  • HD Graphic and Shading
  • Third person and Tank Controller / Camera
  • Adaptive IA and logic
  • Ibrid New Save System
  • EHC (Extensive Human Core)
  • Dynamic Cutscene system
  • New Puzzle and Story element

The development of the game ended on August 2015 after Official Capcom Resident Evil 2 remake announcement.
Capcom invited InvaderGames on its HQ in Osaka (Japan)



Project Achivements

More than 3 Milion Views on Youtube

Thousand of news on National and International Press

More Thank 200.000 Download of Unity Alpha

Project Videos

Re2 Reborn – Welcome Unreal Engine 4 Trailer

Re2 Reborn – UE4 Dev Alpha Hunter or Pray Test (nemesis) – May 2015

Re2 Reborn – RPD Gameplay Sneak Peak

Re2 Reborn – Unity Alpha 1.50 3rd person Gameplay Playable – Nov 2014

IGN News – Capcom Shutdown Re2 Reborn and Invite InvaderGames – Aug 2015

RE2 Reborn – Unity Alpha Launch Trailer – October 2014

InvaderGames Partner and Events

Our Experience


InvaderGames Group was Foundend and announced Resident Evil 2 Reborn

InvaderGames Dev Team start works on Resident Evil 2 Reborn  project


Resident Evil 2 Reborn Alpha 2.0 shows on Youtube

Resident Evil 2 Reborn Unity 2.00 Alpha was upload to youtube and reached 300.000 views.
National and International press talks about it.


InvaderGames announces the Unity Alpha release of Resident Evil 2 Reborn

InvaderGames Releases Resident evil 2 reborn 1.50 Unity Alpha and reaches more than 200.000 downloads in few weeks


InvaderGames takes part in 2015 Rome Global Game Jam and make The Hardest Choice

InvaderGames attends Global Game Jam 2015 creating the Google Cardboard VR Game “The Hardest Choice”.
IG was on the TG1 (Italian National News Channel)

APRIL 2015

InvaderGames takes part in Codemotion Rome 2015 and announces Resident Evil 2 Reborn on UE4

InvaderGames takes part in Rome Codemotion 2015 and announces the change of Resident evil 2 reborn engine from Unity to Unreal Engine 4 with a trailer.

MAY 2015

InvaderGames participated at the a CarraraShow and played a Live Gameplay of Resident Evil 2 Reborn on UE4

InvaderGames attends at first edition of CarraraShow 2015 and show on the main stage a Live Gameplay of Resident evil 2 Reborn on UE4

JULY 2015

InvaderGames publishes a 30 minutes gameplay video of Resident Evil 2 Reborn on UE4

 InvaderGames upload on youtube a 30 minutes gameplay video of Resident Evil 2 Reborn on UE4 and announced the Alpha relase date for Summer 2015 
The video reach 1 milion of views in 2 months


InvaderGames stops development of Resident Evil 2 Reborn and Receives formal invitation from Capcom in his HQ at Osaka .

InvaderGames stops the development of Resident Evil 2 Reborn after Capcom Resident evil 2 official remake announcement.
InvaderGames is invited to discuss futher ideas at Capcom HQ in Osaka (Japan)


InvaderGames meets Capcom Producer in the Osaka HQ .

InvaderGames meets Capcom Producers: Takeuchi San, Hirabayashi San and Kanda San on the R&D Building of Capcom Osaka HQ


InvaderGames takes part in IGDS and is guest at Milan Games Week in the Tom’s Hardware Stand.

InvaderGames attends IGDS thanks to AESVI and is guest at Milan Games Week 2015 at Tom’s Hardware Stand where he meets fans and shows work progress.


InvaderGames takes part in Codemotion Milan 2015.

InvaderGames Attends Codemotion Milan 2015 as Exhibitor at Game Dev Area and Andrea Bonsignore make a Speech: InvaderGames from GameJam to Japan


InvaderGames takes part in Rome Google Dev Fest 2015.

InvaderGames attends Google Dev Fest 2015 at Campus X (Tor Vergata University of Rome), Talking about his experience with Google Cardboard VR Technology


InvaderGames forms a partnership with  Digital Bros Game Accademy.

InvaderGames forms a partnership with Digital Bros Game Accademy and makes a speech about how a videogame company works


InvaderGames takes part in Global Game Jam Rome 2016 in the role of Mentor.

InvaderGames attends Global Game Jam Rome 2016 held by Codemotion as Mentors, with a team of 10 Wannabe.
The team produces the game ColisEum.

APRIL 2016

InvaderGames takes part in Lazio Games at the Romics 2016.

InvaderGames attends Lazio Games at Romics 2016  as Indie Startup with colleagues of  Kunos Simulazioni, Storm in a Teacup, Indiegala, Imagimotion.
Tiziano Toniutti of “la Repubblica” as moderator.
The Event was sponsored by AESVI and Regione Lazio

InvaderGames Future

I wish I could tell you what the future holds, 😉

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